1. What is the difference between Vanish® Pink & White range?

Vanish® Pink OxiAction Fabric Stain Remover Powder or Liquid contains colour care ingredients hence is recommended for all colours including black. It is advisable to use Vanish® Crystal White Fabric Stain Remover Powder or Liquid on white clothes as the formulation includes optical brighteners which leaves your clothes brighter and whiter even after 50 washes, without any damage.

2. What is the difference between Vanish® Powder & Liquid format?

Vanish® Powder range is more premium compared to Liquid range as it is a stronger formulation (10x Oxi Action formulation) that removes tough stains more effectively and efficiently.

3. What type of stains can Vanish® remove?

Vanish® can remove up to 100 types of stains including some of the toughest stains such as ink and greasy food stains.

  • Bleachable Stains – Stains with strong colours such as coffee, tea, wine or fruit juices. They generally come from fruit, vegetables and plant-based sources. To be removed, they need cleaning ingredients that are strong oxidants to decolorise stains. Vanish® products have Active Oxygen for superior stain removal – which detergents do not have.
  • Greasy Stains – Oil-Based Stains such as cooking oil and fats, body oils, cosmetics, and motor oil. To remove this, you need cleaning ingredients that dissolve oil in water. Vanish® products contain surfactants to remove oil-based stains effectively.
  • Enzymatic Stains – These stains are generally from more complex molecules (protein and carbohydrates). Some examples include blood, egg, milk, grass, and chocolate. To remove enzymatic stains, you need cleaning ingredients that break the large molecules into smaller components. Vanish® Powder contains enzymes to break down these enzymatic stains to remove them.

4. Can I get stains out of wool or silk by using Vanish®?

Vanish® Liquid range can be used on both wool and silk. Do not use Vanish® on leather. Always follow the washing instructions on your garments. For detailed information please see our dedicated product pages.