Can wearing white lift your mood?

Wearing white not only keeps you cool by reflecting sunlight but it also lifts your mood. Colour (or shade) is a powerful psychological trigger and white is associated with purity, simplicity and cleanliness.


It represents the blank page, the fresh start that we could all do with from time to time. We also associate white with bright light that resonates with us feeling safe and calm. It is no surprise that many masters of martial arts or disciplines that deal with well-being and relaxation wear white.
Many sports like cricket and tennis also use white uniforms, although this is mainly now down to tradition, originally white was worn to keep players cool during hotter weather, as white reflects the sun's rays. White cotton was also much easier to clean than other fabrics, it was one of the few fabrics that could stand up to a boil wash to remove the grass stains and mud stains that would come with a hard day on the pitch. Of course because of modern fabrics and cleaning methods, this is no longer an issue.

Another way that wearing white can lift your mood is through confidence. White is one of the few colours that is easy to match with an outfit and also never goes out of fashion, especially in the summer sunshine. If you know that you look good, as well as being on trend and dressed for the right season, why wouldn't you feel better about yourself?

However, we all know the one big problem with whites. They are very hard to keep clean, and even harder to keep white. In the same way that dirt and clutter around the house can create unnecessary stress, wearing whites that aren't bright or whites that are stained can affect your mood too. It's recommended that you ditch your dingy whites but make sure you've done your best to keep that favourite blouse as bright as possible before throwing it away. Have a look at how you can achieve this in a few simple steps with Vanish Power O2 Crystal White.

Also, don't be afraid that you've ruined your favourite dress if a couple of drops of red wine go astray. Provided you treat the stain early enough, the dress will be as good as new. The key to stain removal is making sure the stain never gets a chance to dry. The longer it remains in the fabric, the harder it is to get out.