Have fun with Stains

Don't Mind the Monster Mess!

Those familiar with the phrase, "Let the boys be boys," should find it easy to understand when we say that we should let kids really just enjoy being kids. All the stains, the dirty clothes, and the sticky fingers will be worth the memories.

Once the years pass, adults lose the energy and time to get their hands dirty, to play, and be plain silly. So while our children are still bursting with curiosity and vigor, let's give them some space to relish the joys (and the mess) that come with being young.

Let them have their fun in the sun

Kids have all the energy in the world. Allow them to enjoy the outdoors-pick flowers, stain their shirts while climbing trees, create a garden for fairies, and make mud pies.

Digging in the dirt and going bug hunting will not just be fun. Beyond the soiled overalls, messy activities can help stir your kid's imagination, and acquaint them with the wonders of nature.

Let them have their cake

It's only normal to welcome some stains into your home, especially your kitchen. Cooking and baking with your child, gives you time to bond. Simple measurements also reinforce learning math skills, and promote patience inside and out of the kitchen.

Sure, flour will cover the floor, batter will spill into the unreachable crack on your counter, and eggs will splatter on your ground. At the end of the day, you'll be left with soiled clothes and stains everywhere, but years from now, your budding chef will also thank you for the practical skills you've taught them early on.

Let them make their masterpiece

Putting paint and kids together just creates magic! Don't let them get too used to video games, the television, and electric toys. Try to engage your child with dramatic and constructive play by acquainting them with some blank pieces of paper, cotton swabs, paint brushes, some water and food coloring or watercolor.

Give your artist the freedom to stain those tiny hands, endless sheets of paper, and even their clothes. The pay off? Your little one will independently learn to blend, reinvent, and nourish their growing mind with tons of creativity.

Let them help you clean up

Of course, part of learning is about cleaning up. We're sure no mom (or dad) wants to live dirt, stains, and clutter. The good news is that there's a quick and sure-fire way to make those nasty stains disappear. Vanish Power O2 Crystal White rescues your children's most pristine shirts from the worst discolorations.

Moreover, you can easily motivate a child to view cleaning up as part of play. Before any activity, tell them that making a mess is okay, but they have to clean up after. Offer incentives if he or she does a good job, and you'll also give yourself a reward by resting in a stain-free and quiet home at the end of a long play day.