Laundry Tricks to get rid stains

A lot of stains can really damage clothing, and it might seem difficult to find solutions for the worst laundry disasters. But sometimes, your favorite shirt or pair of jeans just need a bit of a magic touch in order to be saved from the toughest stains. Here are some stain-busting tips and tricks to ensure the garments and linens you love will stay clean and in your home for years to enjoy.

Make dry stains and dingy whites disappear

For dried stains that may be very hard to remove, try a combination of two natural bleaching agents-lemon juice and the sun. Just soak the stain in lemon juice and place the garment under the sun for a couple of minutes. The more aggressive the stain is, the longer time you'll need to let it sunbathe. After everything, remember to rinse the clothing thoroughly before rewashing.

Yellowed or greyed out old fabrics, on the other hand, might need a long, good soak to recover their former white glory. Mix 2 tablespoons of dish soap with a bucketful of water and soak. Rinse out the whites after and soak in a bucket of warm water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Don't forget to rinse thoroughly and dry.

Bye-bye bothersome ink stains

Rubbing alcohol may just be the thing to save your ink-stained shirt. Just place the clothing on top of a clean towel, and rub a good amount of alcohol over the stained area. Be sure to move around the clothing to a clean, dry area as the stain soaks into the towel underneath. When the ink stain has been completely removed, rinse the stained area completely free from rubbing alcohol.

 Make those stains vanish like magic

Beyond following the classic do-it-yourself solutions for stubborn stains, we're also lucky that the toughest laundry disasters can now be counteracted with the right stain removal product. For instance, Vanish Power O2 removes seemingly unbeatable dried stains so you can have stain-free laundry that almost looks brand new.

With a little bit of resourcefulness, and confidence in the products you trust, you can look forward to making those stain disasters vanish in a jiffy.