Making Your Laundry Woes Disappear

Some of the best tips we get to remove stains aren't actually from any book or manual. There's no school for doing proper laundry or any one guideline on how to clean our clothes and linens right. This is why we'd like to hear from you-- Yup, we're asking, "What's the trick to your vanishing act?

Most of us learn through trial-and-error, which could be unfortunate for some of our clothes. Then there's also the most popular and quite a reliable way by which mums learn-word of mouth.

Remove stains without a trace

One way to initially deal with a stain is to let it soak. Leave the spoiled clothing in a bucket of water, and a little bit of product like Vanish Power O2 Crystal White. Whether you choose powder or liquid, this special formula to remove stains contains whitening ingredients that will help keep your delicate fabric from damage, yellowing, and even pungent smells.

Soaking helps lift the stain from your fabric while it still hasn't hardened deep into the fibers. Vanish Power O2 Crystal White should be your best ally in keeping your clothes and other linens from being spoiled by unfortunate spills. In fact, if you'd like to give it a try, simply login to our contest site and we'll send you a sample!

What's your trick to it?

Once you've given Vanish a try, we'd love to hear about other tips and tricks you have to remove stains! Share your laundry tricks and vanishing acts with us over at, and we'll even reward you for it. Simply leave a short description of your best tip to remove stains, and share videos and photos to showcase your vanishing tricks.

After which, you can rally friends and family to support your tip to remove stains, and encourage them to get a free sachet to also try.

Laundry can really make us go crazy, that's why it's important to keep our head when these tough and hardened stains happen. They can be unavoidable especially if you're taking care of a family, which is why we'd like to equip you with the right product and knowledge to help make this seemingly difficult chore more manageable. If you haven't experienced Vanish yet, visit to claim a free sample to try.

Let's help each other avoid the circus of stains, spills, and other unsightly dirt and discolorations by sharing our best kept vanishing acts. We really hope you enjoy the rewards and peace of mind that come with a magical laundry moment.