Usher in a No-mess, Stain-free Year of the Snake

It's almost Chinese New Year, and if you haven't made plans yet for the upcoming parade of gatherings with friends and family, we have just what you need to get started. Here's a quick guide to help you usher in a no-mess, stain-free Year of the Snake.

Forecast your needs and start early

Make sure you have a good idea of all the things you need to accomplish. It could be personal grooming, ensuring stain-free clothing, general house cleaning, and especially shopping for decorations and family dinner.

Start with things that are done, or that you have. Need a haircut? Know what to wear? Coffee stainsout of table cloths? What does your cupboard need to be fully-stocked?

Mental notes work quite well, but with the big task of preparing for a new year, creating a to-do list is your best defense against messy holiday plans.

Usher in the year with some goodies

What is a new year without some auspicious eats, sweet treats, and generous gifts? Decide if you're taking the family out, or if you'll take charge of providing a memorable feast to welcome in the Year of the Snake.

If you're not so confident in the kitchen, the Internet can be your best friend when looking for the best places to go for lo-hei. A lot of restaurants usually showcase menus brimming with traditional dishes like yu sheng, abalone, steamboat, fish maw, and other delicacies.

Don't forget to satisfy some sweet tooths with a good selection of cakes, kueh bangkit, and the quintessential pineapple tarts. Also set aside a good amount for those much-awaited ang baos!

Welcome 2013 with a stain-free, spotless home

Aside from preparing the usual, show your home some love by making sure it's clean, stain-free, fresher, and happier. You may allocate one weekend to do some dusting, and scrub out all the stains from different areas of your home.

If this feels like an overwhelming task, bring in the whole family to help you out. Give each one something to do, and motivate them with rewards like a nice meal after everything is done. Just make sure everyone, especially the kids, are properly dressed to be mommy's little helpers.

You may get your home clean, but leave bigger stain problems when you deal with the laundry later. Vanish Power O2 Gel will go a long way in helping you easily get rid of sweat stains and other hard to remove stain from your spring cleaning endeavour. Worrying less and enjoying this bit of family bonding can bring much good energy to your home.

Finally, look forward and be positive! We trust that a good attitude is the best thing to welcome 2013. We wish you and your loved ones a fun-filled Chinese New Year. Gong xi fa cai!