Vanish Money Back Guarantee

Vanish removes tough stains 1st TIME. Guaranteed or your money back*

Vanish - Money Back Guarantee T&C

1. The Vanish Money Back Guarantee applies to all Singapore purchases of the following Vanish products:

  • • Vanish Power O2 Powder 500g
  • • Vanish Power O2 Powder 900g
  • • Vanish Power O2 Powder 900g + 200g
  • • Vanish Power O2 White Powder 450g
  • • Vanish Power O2 White Powder 800g
  • • Vanish Power O2 White Powder 800g + 200g
  • • Vanish Power O2 Powder Extra Hygiene 450g
  • • Vanish Power O2 Powder Extra Hygiene 800g
  • • Vanish Power O2 Powder Extra Hygiene 800g + 200g
  • • Vanish Power O2 Powder 1.5kg
  • • Vanish Liquid 1L
  • • Vanish White Liquid 1L
  • • Vanish Power O2 Gel 1L

2. The money back guarantee only applies if the product has not performed as stated or implied by Vanish. We reserve the right to question or request further evidence to substantiate a claim.

3. If any of the participating products in the promotion do not remove tough stains first time, please provide the following details:

  • • Your original receipt confirming your purchase of the product (marking the Vanish product).
  • • Your name, address and contact telephone number
  • • Your reason for dissatisfaction including:
    • I. The fabric
    • II. The stain type
    • III. The washing machine model
    • IV. The wash program used
  • • Please send claims to the following address within 28 days from purchase date as shown on receipt:

    Vanish Money Back Guarantee
    Reckitt Benckiser (S) Pte Ltd
    1 Fifth Avenue #04-06
    Guthrie House, Singapore 268802.

4. No claims from agents, third parties, or organised groups will be accepted. Incomplete or illegible claims or those not in accordance with these terms and conditions will be rejected.

5. To be considered valid the claim's proof of purchase must be dated between 1st February 2015 and the closing date of the offer in Clause 6.

6. The closing date for receipt of claims is 15th March 2015. Vanish reserves the right to extend the closing date.

7. There will be only one money return to one name.

8. Vanish accepts no responsibility for claims that are lost, damaged or delayed in the post. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt by Vanish.

9. If claimant makes a false claim for refund, serious legal consequences will follow if subsequently discovered to be untrue or fraudulent.

10. RB reserves the right to vary, change, amend, suspend or cancel the campaign at any time without the need to give reason or notification.

11. The terms and conditions of this campaign do not affect your statutory rights.

12. These terms and conditions and any dispute arising out of the same shall be governed by Singapore law.