One Vanish, Many ways, One perfect solution to remove stain.

Tough stains sure know how to give a good challenge.  Whether it's a stubborn mark, or a nasty lingering scent, hard-to-remove stain take more time, patience and a little bit more laundry-savvy. Good news is, there are many approaches to effectively remove stain off your favourite fabrics, and especially made easier with the help of Vanish


Three ways to effectively remove stain

Pre-treatment, Soaking and Washing. These are some of the most favourite approaches mums and laundry experts take when faced with stubborn stains. Let us take a closer look.

Acting on a stain quickly prevents substances to stick or even dry on your clothes. This is why pre-treatment is key to a wide range of stain types. One effective way to pre-treat is to simply make a paste by mixing Vanish with a bit of water. Apply it directly on the affected area to leave for some time, depending on the stain.

Another effective way to remove stain, especially those that have already set in, is by adding one scoop of Vanish powder to the water, and soaking your garment in it. This will help loosen and eventually lift the stain without damaging your fabric.

Then there are times when we miss a small section of a stain, or a very light one that's hard to see. We recommend that you add a scoop of Vanish in each wash, so that you'd be sure to remove even the tiniest of stains from your clothes.

The perfect Vanish Powder method

Just as each stain is different, pre-treating, soaking and washing can also give you amazing results to remove stain. Try each of the tricks we've mentioned earlier with varying doses of Vanish, and you'll soon figure out the method that works best for the various degrees of stains you encounter.

In addition to this, Vanish also has Oxi Powerlift Action that is tough on stains but gentle to your fabrics. This way, you'd be sure that both coloured and white clothes in your laundry are safe from damage, whether it's your first soak or already your second and third wash.

Complete clean-up with Vanish Powder

Quick and easy, Vanish makes it even less of a hassle for you to remove stain. It doesn't even matter if you're dealing with the usual amount of laundry or a whole mountain of clothes, because a little Vanish goes a long way to help you get BIG laundry savings!

Half a scoop or one can already remove stain at your first try. So at your final wash, you know that you have clean and stain-free laundry for the entire family. From pre-treating, soaking and washing, Vanish will be there every step of the way to help get rid of spills, dirt and grime. More importantly, you'd have more time at the end of each long day.