Our satisfied Vanish customers

Here are some of our Vanish customers say about us, sharing the tips that they use everyday to improve the efficiency of removing stubborn stains just by one wash!

 Vanish is amazing even with those tough, dried-in  blood stains. After-photo above was taken after just 1  soak and wash with no filter. Even if you're not a  vet, you're bound to get blood stains on your clothes  one way or another through cuts, scrapes or nose-  bleeds. Yes, mothers of active children, you probably get your fair share of blood-stained clothes too!


Klessis Lee

 Vanish, for one, has quite a reputation. It is not just  a normal cleaning agent - It can do wonders even for  the toughest of stains. As a mom, I totally  understand how awesome that is - My kids get all  kinds of stains on their clothes, and to my horrors of  horrors, I've found that the hardest stains to clean off  are chocolates and pen ink! And those two are the  most common stains the kids get on their clothes on  an irritatingly-frequent basis.

 Should I thus say, 'Vanish to the Rescue!'?


Annabelle Francis

 With our super busy schedules these days, when you  have to manage work, kids, work, errands, work,  kids's school, enrichments classes and more work,  you must find what is available in today's modern  marvels of products to help make your life  easier. Here's one of them, my friends, meet VANISH!

 The chocolatecoffee and pencil marks were the first  to disappear within minutes, the lipstick took slightly  longer. However, within less than 15 mins of soaking,  everything had magically "VANISH-ed!!"


Edmund Tay

 Recently, we went for some chilli crabs, and I  discovered stains on my shirt, after the meal. And the  terrible consequence was that the stains, were only  discovered after a few days, and against a White  Shirt! Urgh….This only makes Chilli stains  SUPER  obvious!

 Following the Professional advice given by Vanish, I  applied Vanish onto the stains, and soaked the shirt  into a solution comprising of Vanish. And Guess what!  In just a few minutes, the stains Vanished!!!


Susan Koh

 Just over the weekends, I had to deal with another  stain. This time round, the culprit was my dearest  husband when he scored 0 vs 1 to a black pepper  crab claw which he was trying to crack and the fella  flew right out of his fingers and went splat on the  ground.

 Once we got home, I used a scoop of Vanish Power  O2 Powder, added water to it and allowed the solution  to soak in. After 5 minutes, I washed the shirt  together with my other laundry in the washing  machine with another capful of washing detergent.

 Indeed I was not disappointed with the results as I  couldn't find any signs of the stain. 


Holly Jean

 I just add half a scoop to every wash, and my whites  come out whiter, my coloured clothes are not dull  even after multiple washes. My husband's work shirts  also last longer now that I use Vanish. Before, his  shirts used to look so shabby (after like only 3  months) and he would stain his shirts with sweat and  grease every time he goes into the workshop to do  stuff. But now, the stains come off so easily.